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Sign 1: You bought the tool a year ago, and you’re still not measuring your business objectives.

Sign 2: You still have to remind the executive team what your company’s KPIs are (hint: key performance indicators).

Sign 3: You create these beautiful dashboards, and no one knows what they mean.

Sign 4: Your boss is always asking about the number of ”hits” your company’s website is getting.

Sign 5: You’re still scratching your head wondering what you should segment and how it will help.

Sign 6: Even though your homepage has an 80 percent bounce rate, your boss doesn’t want a change because he/she likes the way it looks.

Sign 7: You’re running multiple online marketing campaigns, and you have no idea which performs better.

Sign 8: The one time you ran an A/B test, a winner was chosen — but no improvements ensued.

Sign 9: You still can’t figure out why total site visits don’t add up in all the reports.

Sign 10: You still design with HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) standards in mind.

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